Our Process


It is no exaggeration to say that digital textile printing has revolutionized the manufacturing world. Old, traditional screen printing methods require hundreds of yards to be printed of a single design. Designers must pay per color and also pay set-up fees.

The bold new world of digital textile printing allows individuals, designers and brands to create special and custom designs with no limitations on number of colors or quantity of yardage. And NO SET UP FEES!

We can print 1 yard or 1,000 yards (or more!)- you decide. Do you plan to order more than 10 yards at a time? Contact our office to discuss setting up an account and receive bulk yardage discounts.

Let us print your fabric and ship to you rolled or folded, your choice. Better yet, talk to us about your project. We offer sewing services and our excellent craftsmanship and quick turn-around time will definitely appeal to you.  Prices are discounted when you utilize both printing & sewing services.


Our amazing sewing & production team is really ready to impress.  Clean & consistent stitches, high quality production and a fast turn-around allow us to be an extension of your brand. No project is too small or too big. Just making some samples or swag items? Happy to help! Ready to produce big orders? Send them our way. We don't discriminate!  Heck, we even sew pillow covers and pet beds for individuals.

If you have a product that you would like us to bid on please contact our team. We will reach out to get more details and hopefully find a way to work together. 

And yes, you can send us your own fabric for us to sew. We DO NOT REQUIRE your fabric be printed by us to utilize our sewing services.  


We can ship your finished goods directly to your retail clients (blindly) for distribution. Or we can ship your goods to your own facility. We can even drop ship items to your online customers (please contact us for more info as some restrictions do apply). Let us know which scenario you want us to quote to you.