Welcome to Rad Fashions with Regina Grasso

Hello everybody! I'm Regina and I'm about to help you turn some fabric scraps into fun stuff, give you tips about accessories, and maybe give you a few good ideas about crafts. But first a few things about myself...

I'm from a little town called Folsom in New Jersey. Surrounded by pines and lakes, I grew up riding four-wheelers, camping with the Girl Scouts, and hanging out at the local video store to buy candy since we were too young to rent movies.

At 14, I started forming my unconventional appearance. Instead of spending my fall school clothes budget at the mall, I chose to shop at Goodwill because even at that age, I figured I'd get the most amount of clothing for my money. Plus, I found that the Goodwill has a crazy wide range of styles; why visit Boscovs, Deb, and Hot Topic when I can find classy, cute, and rocker clothes in one store?

After high school, I attended college at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I lived in the city for 6 years, played bass guitar a few punk bands (don't judge, I like country, rap, metal, 1940's Andrews Sisters..basically any music that rocks/has a good beat), met many awesome people, and eventually earned a degree in fashion design.

I've been a seamstress for 10 years and have a strong background in graphic design. I thoroughly enjoy modifying clothing, making costumes (just wait for fall to roll around, I'll post some past costume designs), and turning broken/useless things into functioning pieces. I pride myself on being very DIY, but it never hurts to ask for help when needed.

That about wraps it up, stay tuned every Friday to see what I have to share! Stay funky everybody ;)


Actual footage of me in a thrift store. Fun Fact: Delaware is tax free!

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