Rad Fashion Friday: Phone Cozy


It’s April and it’s spring again! You’re out doing some gardening, you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, you’re calling your dad to see what you can bring for dessert at Easter. Why not make access to that phone a little easier?

Today’s project will be a phone cozy with a clip/key ring option. It makes a great gift or just something nice for yourself. There are a few more steps in this instructional, but don’t be intimidated! The end product is worth it.


Project Time: 30 to 50 mins, depending on if you have a home sewing or an industrial machine


Items needed:

Woven fabric

Thin batting/felt

Key ring/carabiner/Clasp


I usually use a pattern but I was strapped for time this week, so I’m drawing straight onto the fabric for this project. I’m also using a Sharpie, but this is so you can see what I’m doing. I suggest using a pen, which won’t show through too bad. If you’re using a really light/white fabric, maybe just use a pencil.



Step 1) Making the Pattern

  •          Pick out some fabric you like, make sure the pieces are at least 10x15 inches. The little square of fabric is 2x2.5 inches and it will be the tab that holds the keyring/carabiner. You can iron on some interfacing to it for extra strength, but that’s personal preference.
  • Lay your phone on one of the pieces of fabric, it doesn’t matter which one. Trace your phone out onto the fabric.

By the way, I couldn’t take a picture of my phone because of the laws of physics, so I printed out a phone on some paper. But I did actually trace my phone.

  • Measure how thick your phone is. Mine is ½ inch thick, yours may be thinner or thicker depending on the brand.


  • Take your thickness measurement and add a ½ inch to the 2 sides and bottom. This will ensure a secure fit so your phone doesn’t fall out.


  • Add 1 inch to the top. Then add a half in all around for seam allowance.

  • Cut around your pattern, then use it to cut the rest of your fabric. OR you could lay all 6 pieces of fabric together and cut them all at once.


  • Take one of each (face, liner, felt/batting) and lay them on top of one another evenly. Cut 1 inch off the top. Your pieces will look like this:


Step 2) Prepare for sewing

  • Get your long pieces and lay them on top of one another. Make sure the outside fabric and liner are face to face. Felt/batting can be laid on top or on bottom. Do the same to the smaller pieces.


  • Bring your two fabric sandwiches and your 2x2.5 square to the sewing machine


Step 3) Keyring/Carabiner Tab Application

  • Sew a ¼ inch seam allowance on the 2x2.5 square.

  • Turn the tab inside out (I’m using my handy mechanical pencil again to help me turn it: it’s pointy but not sharp enough to do damage to the fabric).

  • Iron the tab so the seam is down the middle. Fold the tab in half with the seam on the inside, iron it in half.


Important: This is the part where you put in your keyring/clasp/carabiner! Put it in the crease after you iron the tab.

  • Get the larger pieces of fabric. Find the middle of the top by folding the fabric in half. Lay the tab between the liner and the face fabric and pin it in place so it looks like this:


  • Lay the liner back down now so the pieces are all flat. Remember: This tab area is the top of the phone cozy.


Step 4) Back to the sewing machine

  • Take that longer set of pieces with the tab in the middle and start sewing at the bottom corner and sew three sides of the rectangle. Leave the bottom side open, do not sew it shut.


  • Also do this to the smaller set of fabric, sew 3 sides, leave the bottom open.


Step 5) Flip and iron

  • Cut the corners off so we can have a nice sharp angles when we flip it inside out. Again, I use my mechanical pencil to work out the corners.


  • Iron nice and flat.


Step 6) Topstitch

  • Starting with your shorter piece, put 1/8 inch topstitch along the top (the side sewn shut)


  • It’s a short step but it’s an important one.


Step 7) Sewing the Two Together

  • Place your rectangles with the faces together. Sew the bottom shut with ½ inch seam allowance.


  • Take the connected pieces to the iron. Cut off the bottom corners so we have nice sharp edges when we’re finished.


  • Flip the pieces so that the liners are touching. Iron the bottom seam flat.


Step 8) Sewing Topstitch


  • Here is where we stitch the short front and long back together with 1/8 inch seam allowance. I’m sewing mine with the short side down; it’s a smoother stitch without the bulk getting in the way.


Important: If you have a home sewing machine, this part will be somewhat difficult. These layers of fabric will be thick. Go slowly so you don’t break the needle and have patience with this part.


Sew that 1/8 inch topstitch around all 4 sides.


Step 8) Put your phone in it!


Now you have a custom fit cell phone cozy that you can attach to your belts and bags for easy carrying. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stop by next Friday to see what's next for your saved scraps!


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