Rad Fashion Friday: Envelope Pillow Case

Summer is in full swing and that means getting out to the great outdoors! Lots of people are out there camping it up with their friends and family. What's a better way to celebrate good times than with a night under the stars?  Or, how about a super fun pillow case to send your little one off to sleep away camp?

So while you're packing your bed roll, why not whip up a new pillowcase to show off? This envelope style case will prevent your pillow from sliding out and making you uncomfortable. The envelope style is a lot simpler than it looks; in just 20 minutes you can have a fresh new case to bring on your trip.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to my boss, Bernadette for designing the art for this fabric I'm using, it's our company's new "Happy Camper" print and IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!! (with many other awesome prints) on RootedUSA.com.


Project Time:

20 mins

Items Needed:

A yard of fabric that's at least 45 inches wide. We are making a STANDARD size pillow case.


Step 1) Big Rectangle

  • Cut your fabric so that it's 34 inches x 43 inches. (If your pillow is larger than average, you might want to change these measurements)

Step 2) Hem It Up

  • Double fold and iron down a hem on the long side of the fabric.

  • Stitch it down along the edge there.


Step 3) Flap Time!

  • Fold down this side 6 inches. This will be the flap that hides the pillow.

  • Fold the pillow case in half and mark with a pin where the halfway point is.

  • Now, you're going to sew this 6 inch hem, but you're only going to sew it 4 inches from the edge so it still looks like a normal pillow case. I use a magnet on my sewing machine so I can keep my stitch straight.

  • Only sew from the edge to the pin. You don't want to stitch the whole thing down because then you wouldn't have a flap.

  • This next part, you can do if you want to. It's an aesthetic stitch, doesn't really do anything but make the flap side look like the non flap side from the outside, like there's a continuous stitch going around. Just lift up the flap fabric and stitch that one layer of fabric.

Step 4) Closing the Case

  • Fold your case in half with the faces together. Sew the side and bottom shut with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

  • Now, I'm finishing my edges with a serger, but you can finish them any way you're able to, just make sure you finish it all so the case lasts longer. Nothing like frayed edges to make your hard work look mediocre!

Step 5) Find a pillow to put it on!

Check that out, you can't see the pillow at all! The ironing makes for a nice crisp edge, and you won't have to battle with a case that falls off in the middle of the night. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a great weekend!


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