M2O has launched, and we are loving it!

Let's just say that sometimes that little thing we call "time" gets in the way of completing the laundry list of creative projects we've lined up for ourselves. All of us at Rooted USA know this feeling. Heck, I have all of the sewing and fabric resources any girl could dream of at my finger tips, and I have a pile of projects that may never see the light of day if I am expected to complete them myself.

And so the idea of M2O (made 2 order) was born! :) You design the fabric, we handle the cutting & sewing, you get to check off a box on your to-do list! Champagne for everyone!

We have a ridiculously talented team of sewists at our facility who live and breathe sewing projects. We can print your special fabric (go on, put your little one's name, photo, favorite story, whatever it is all over that fabric) and we'll sew it for you too.

And - we'll do it with love for at a reasonable price!

Click on our Made 2 Order tab and see our current items.

Insider scoop: we are launching more items March 15, 2017.

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