Don't throw away those fabric scraps!

Do you end up saving tons of fabric scraps after each project with the hope that "one day" you will have the perfect project for them? Yep, me too. Usually I end up throwing away all of those scraps once they've accumulated so much that NO project could possibly ever use all of those scraps.

Well, I've bee on a mission as of late to find interesting ideas for projects that can be made with those extra pieces of fabric scrap.  I found the most ADORABLE idea today from JessieKay... POCKET WARMERS! We are still in the freezing temps here in NJ, but if you are feeling March warmth where you live you can make these now and save them for winter gifts!  Trust me, your northern & cold state friends will LOVE YOU for these!
This project would work best with the Rooted USA 7oz cotton duck, but 4oz could work as well.

You can also modify this into adorable sachets! Just add a few drops of your favorite oil or add some dried herbs or flowers to the rice. Toss one of these adorable little baby sachets in your linen closet or sock drawer. For full tutorial visit this link:
Share pics of your finished project. Come on, don't be shy... inspire us! Post your finished project on instagram and tag @rootedusa.
Thank you to Jessie Kay Makes. Photos and product concept all property of

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