Custom Linens Speak Volumes

This Thanksgiving holiday impress your guests with more than your apple pie! Dress your table with custom linens, made by you.

See how our digital production manager, Lee Cooper plans to dress to impress? Family name napkins that will wow his guests, compliment his décor and set the mood for a great family dinner.

Napkins are an easy project that even a novice seamstress can make. Try this free tutorial from The Girl Inspired. There are step by step instructions to plan the perfect décor for the upcoming holidays.

Lee made 10 napkins (always plan to make a few extra “just in case”). But another great idea is to include a matching table runner, bread basket liner, cocktail napkins and more!

Thinking about setting place cards for assigned seating for your guests? How about making a custom napkin for them instead? Now you’re the talk of the evening!


Just remember, Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness, fun and family. Enjoy the opportunity to set a beautiful table, but remember to enjoy the company even more.

Happy Thanksgiving from Rooted!


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