Easy Sewing Projects Using Organic Cotton Knit

Have you ever found yourself eyeing a fabric that you just ADORE - but can't think of a single thing to make with it?  Now that we design our own fabrics here at RootedUSA we are guilty of it too. The recent addition of Organic Cotton Knit Interlock fabric to our available fabric collection has my head swimming with ideas.  What shall I make; leggings, scarves, head bands, pet clothing --- the options are endless. 

This led me to scour the internet looking for FREE (yes, free!) patterns to turn custom printed organic cotton knit fabric into useful (and cherished) finished items that will never be dust collectors. 



Idea #1:  Leggings!

This is very exciting because as it turns out, leggings are not that difficult to make.  Check out the very useful and easy to follow tutorial at www.gotopatterns.com.  They even offer a FREE baby legging tutorial that you can download from their craftsy.com link.  Larger size tutorials start at $10 each. 


Design your amazing custom fabric and upload your design to rootedusa.com and begin making a pair, or two, or three, or four...


* Photo courtesy of gotopatterns.com

Inifinity Scarf

Idea #2:  Infinity Scarves!

The cotton knit scarf has become my new favorite staple to every outfit.  Love love love them. They look great with jeans, they look great with sundresses, they look great with just about everything imaginable. Make these keepers for gifts for your favorite girls, or hoard them all for yourself.  Use contrasting fabrics for a more interesting look.  I found a very easy to follow step by step tutorial from Christina Davis at DIYMommy.com.  Her easy to follow tutorial will have you wearing your new infinity scarf in around 15 minutes - start to finish. Yes! It is actually that easy - I wouldn't lie.


beach cover up tutorial

Idea #3: Beach Cover Up Dress!

Ok, so this idea takes a little more skill - but the great part about it is that the creator of this tutorial recommends using clothes in your own wardrobe that fit perfectly for pattern making. Genius.  I found an incredibly easy tutorial on cutoutandkeep.net, posted by Merrick Arts for a J-Crew inspired beach cover up. Moderate skill level, and plan to spend a full afternoon on your first try. The great part is that you can do this with 2 yards of fabric (and even less if you make it sleeveless!!!).  Imagine bold stripes, funky flamestitch or even a pattern to kinda sorta match (without being too matchy matchy) your bathing suit. I think this dress goes far beyond the beach, too. Wear it as a casual "out running errands" dress during those hot summer months.

* Photo courtesy of cutoutandkeep.net



Now you have the ideas - go ahead and work on your new fabric concepts and get started on your knit project! 


Remember - all ORGANIC COTTON KNIT by the yard (custom print only) is 15% off now through March 19, 2015.  Use coupon code ORGANIC.

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