Create a Custom Kozy Kiddie Reading Kushion!

Kids love being on the floor. They can't resist the draw. So make a comfy floor cushion that they can sit on to watch movies, read story books or play games!


I decided to customize mine by using a drawing made on a rainy Sunday and finger paint hand prints. Custom printed onto fabric using  The balance of the fabric is from the RootedUSA Kid Korner fabrics.  This is SEW easy to make (excuse the cheesy pun) and if you go the extra step to personalize it with your own artwork, it will be a cherished keepsake that your kids enjoy using!

Before we get started - if you cannot sew, don't sweat it. Just order a Kid Korner Kushion from, choosing to use your custom fabric or one of RootedUSA's exciting fabrics. They'll do it all of the crafty work for you.

Let's get started.

I made my Kiddie Reading Cushion 36" diameter so that it wouldn't be outgrown any time soon. You can make your's any size that works for you. 

Supplies Needed: 


* Scissors
* Rotary Cutter
* Rotary Cutting Mat
* Straight Edge
* Measuring Tape
* Marker (or fabric pen)* Straight Pins
* Calculator
* 30" - 36" long zipper. I buy zipper by the yard so that I can customize the length.
* 2.5 yards of fabric - approximately 55" wide. Upholstery or home decor fabric will work best as it is durable.

*For stuffing I used a LARGE ROUND KID KORNER INSERT from  You can make your own insert with polyfil and drapery lining fabric or old bed pillows.

Step 1
Choose your fabrics. Since I made a patchwork top I created a map of what fabrics I would use in each place.  This also helped prevent fabric waste.

I used a home made drawing and hand print artwork to make CUSTOMIZED fabric panels. You can do this too - it's very easy!  Just scan your child's artwork and upload it to the RootedUSA fabric site.  I used a contrasting fabric for the side gusset, and then I used a single piece of fabric for the bottom.

Step 2
Cut the pieces for the top layer. Since my cushion will be 35" diameter I need 9 pieces of fabric, each 12" x 12".  Use your rotary cutter, cutting mat and straight edge.

Step 3
Now it is time to lay out your fabric pieces to match your pattern.  I like to work in horizontal rows. Sew your horizontal panels together, using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Now do this for each of the 3 rows of fabric. You should end up with this:

Sew the 3 rows of fabric together to create 1 large top piece:

Step 4
Now that your top piece is sewn together, you can begin to cut your round pieces of fabric for the cushion. I find the easiest way to cut a circle is to fold your fabric in quarters. Fold it in half (making sure you locate the center point of the center patch for a good fit), and then in half again.  Keep open sides with open sides.

Step 5
From this point you are going to measure a 1/4 circle. Since my cushion will be 35" diameter (and I want the cover to fit snug as a bug to provide more loft) I am going to measure from the folded corner out to 17.5" (this is half of the diameter). Holding the end of my ruler at the folded point, I lightly trace a perfect 17.5" arc from folded edge to open edge. Open slightly to double check your work, and then cut. Voila, you will have a perfect circle topper for your cushion. Now do it again for the bottom piece of your cushion.

Step 6
Time to cut the sides. My cushion insert has a 4" gusset. So I cut my side pieces 4.5" x 56" long. How much length do you need for your cushion side? Use this easy equation: dia x 3.145= length of side fabric you will need.  My cushion is 35" diameter, so I need 110" of side fabric length.  Cut your side pieces, then seam them together using a 1/4" seam allowance. I try to match up the pattern when I seam fabric together. It may result in additional waste, but the end result looks fantastic.

Step 6
Time to attach your zipper. I like to use the diameter of my cushion to determine how long I want the zipper to be. The last thing you want to do it tear your cover while trying to shove a pillow insert into an opening that is too small. Since my cushion is 35" diameter I am using 35" of zipper tape. I buy my zipper tape by the yard to make customization easier. 
Pin your zipper, face down to the edge of your side panel. Let the end of the zipper tape overhang a bit so that finishing will be clean. Then sew along the edge using your zipper foot.

Step 7
Once you've sewn the zipper tape to your side panel, attach the top panel to your side panel. Start pinning where your zipper tape begins, but leave the first 1" unpinned. You will want to leave approximately 1" at the top of your side panel un-sewn so that you can join ends after you finish attaching the top and bottom pieces of your cushion. Sounds a little confusing now, but it will make sense when you get to the end stage.  By the way - I recommend using an overlock or zig-zag stitch for attaching the top, bottom and side panels since this is an item you will likely wash time and time again.  I just happen to be using a straight stitch machine for this tutorial. 
** Very important... be sure you do NOT connect the end pieces of the side panel after you attach it to the top piece.  We will save this step for last.

Step 8
You're almost finished!!! Now it is very important to check that you did not close the end pieces of the side to each other. You still need to attach the bottom piece of the cushion before you close up the side panel.  At this point you can also see why I wanted you to leave 1" at the beginning of the zipper.  Now go ahead and pin and sew the bottom piece the same way you did the top piece.  One helpful tip before you do it:  UNZIP the zipper 1/2 way.  Once you close up this cushion it will be nearly impossible to open the zipper when the cover is inside out. :)  Also, remember to leave the 1" un-sewn space at the beginning of the side panel.

Step 9
Now it is time to close up the end pieces of the side panel.  Sew a straight line, being sure to go OVER the zipper tape at least twice for durability.  Trim your threads and turn right side out.

You Did It!!
Go ahead, stuff it with old jeans, polyfill, extra bed pillows or use one of our cushy Made in America Kid Korner inserts for extra comfort and durability.  


Fabrics Used:
Kid Korner Fun Dots
Kid Korner Multi Bunting
Kid Korner ABC's Green
Kid Korner Fun Multi Chevron
1/2 yard of CUSTOM FABRIC

All fabrics available on

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