And so it begins…

Today seems like a great day to start our blog. Well, two years ago would have been better, but we’ve been busy creating, designing, moving, unpacking, traveling and more.

My name is Bernadette and I am a partner at an amazing design company that works with textiles (yay! Fabrics!!). For years I’ve been traveling to Asia to work with factories to manufacture seasonal goods for all of the big box retailers Americans and Canadians know so well.   While I love what I do, I needed to ground myself and get back in touch with the beautiful USA. So my business partner, Eric and I did what anyone else in our position would do (including saving every penny for 2 years) – buy a textile printer and begin a Made in the USA division of our company.

We take inspiration from travel, architecture, people watching, music, fashion – you name it. Now we want to share all of our inspirations, ideas and know-how with you. Plus we’ll keep it fun with some amazing give-aways for the creative spirits that follow our posts.

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